06/29/2015   10:28 pm CDT
Firm Overview

Value to Clients

Royston Rayzor has long been involved in providing emergency response legal services along the Texas and Southeast Louisiana coast.  Over the years, Royston Rayzor has responded to major oil spills and other pollutions incidents, involving both vessels and refineries, fires, explosions, vessel collisions and other incidents involving serious pollution, personal injury or property damage, often accompanied by criminal investigations. We have two designated lawyers or investigators, one of whom is always a partner, assigned on a rotating basis, available to respond on short notice on a 24/7 basis. 

We are able to respond by telephone within 30 minutes after receipt of an emergency voice mail message through our main Houston telephone number 713-224-8380.  Our emergency responders are in a position to quickly get to the incident site and conduct the necessary initial investigation, preserve and collect relevant evidence, deal with the authorities, including the U.S. Coast Guard, EPA and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and provide our clients with an early assessment and management of the legal exposures presented.  Depending on the size and seriousness of the incident, Royston Rayzor can augment its response with additional, professional personnel with experience in the legal management of catastrophic events.