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Eddie Sikes and Javier Gonzalez Win Defense Verdict in Hidalgo County, Texas

August 4, 2011

Eddie Sikes and Javier Gonzalez obtained a defense jury verdict for their commercial roofing contractor client, Commercial Roofing Systems, Inc., in connection with property damage claims in excess of $1 million after a 2 week trial in Hidalgo County, Texas.

Bio-Tech Solutions, Inc. alleged that it performed emergency remediation services for Defendant La Joya Independent School District following a rain storm where water entered a school building being re-roofed by the law firm's client, Commercial Roofing.

Plaintiff alleged entitlement to over a $1 million for the reasonable value of the materials and services provided, and brought suit against La Joya ISD. 

La Joya ISD brought a third party action against Commercial Roofing Systems, Inc. for negligence/contribution.  The jury found no fault on the part of Commercial Roofing.

Eddie Sikes and Javier Gonzalez are partners in Royston, Rayzor, Vickery & Williams, L.L.P.'s South Texas office.  Their practice focuses on civil litigation including, general liability, wrongful death, construction defects, transportation, and personal injury and commercial claims.

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